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Julie Rhodes (artist studio)

julie rhodes art studio

Julie Rhodes – professional wildlife and portrait artist

I have been a professional artist for over 20 years. I love my work and I feel so lucky to combine my love of animals with my passion for drawing. My drawings are highly detailed and I try to capture every hair and whisker, therefore, to get this level of detail I work in pencil as I love the simplicity of the medium. I work in the negative. This allows the white of the paper to be my highlights and the black of the pencil to create shadow and texture – Julie Rhodes

About my drawings

My work is all in black and white (pencil / graphite) on high quality Bristol board paper. I challenge myself to include as much detail as possible in each piece.  I especially want to capture a level of photorealism in my drawings and also the personality and character of each subject.

Wildlife art

lion pencil drawing bgy Julie Rhodes wildlife artist

I’m also a wildlife artist and in particular I produce original drawings of big cats, other wildlife and prints (please see link below) I am lucky enough to have been a finalist in the David Shepherd Wildlife artist of the year. I have held a solo wildlife exhibition at the David Shepherd galley and as a result I’m also a supporting artist on the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation website, I especially like to draw tigers, lions and other big cats.

My studio

outside my studio

All my drawings are completed in my studio in Perranwell. This is near Perranporth in North Cornwall UK. I live in the Cornish countryside and I love to work here because its so peaceful. I’m surrounded by wildlife and often have our trusty dog by my side when I’m working. Aside from drawing, I love to surf at nearby Newquay. If you would like to visit me in my studio and view my original works, please feel free to contact me to arrange an appointment.

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have a look at my wildlife art at www.julierhodes.com

wildlife pencil drawing by artist Julie Rhodes, pencil drawing in black and white